Today for the entire afternoon Gever who works at brightworks and helped founding it. He was teaching us about the universal power of gravity by showing us with a video he took of a ball falling. We had to calculate how fast it dropped in every frame then we started with how much space there was between the frames distance for the ball. We started working with inches in seconds all the way to an hour even with feet (I was confused with all of the imperial system for measurement).

Here is the graph we made with most of the stuff in it

bouncing ball animation

today Oscar's dad came to school to teach us how to make animation for the whole morning so for a big chunk of the morning I did a flipbook of a tank exploding a bullet then exploding from the explosion (I like to call this explosion ception) then in the afternoon Amanda told us that our homework was to make a ball bounce using well animation so here it is.

Laputa weight

Yesterday I was told to figure out what the weight of laputa so this is how I did it. I fought that you could probably fit 2000 cars on laputa and that would weigh about 2000 tons including the actual island.

Historical Genre Presentation


Today my ban was learning about storyboarding which is basically a comic for a movie so the people making it can know what they are suppose to do.

Here is an example

I am using a different version where you have a smaller frame and on the side and below you have the text about what's happening so after lunch my band did one based off little red riding hood.

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