our little talk

In the afternoon my band and two other bands saw Selma with us.
spoilers so read if you have watched or want to be spoiled for the movie

questions I will answer:

what was the most moving part of the movie?
I thought it was the part where the police shot that african american man in a restaurant

What did you feel a connection with?
I really thought the march was brave for all those people that went and got beaten up so I feel really connected

What issues related to “othering” or making separations between yourself and other people, are we still facing today? 
I can't really answer this one because I am not sure

Why do you think a movie like this was filmed and produced at this specific time? I believe is because it is nearly Martin Luther King day ( MLK )

Have we truly reached equality or has inequality just become more vague and harder to define? 
I am actually not sure how to answer this one

Do you think the current Black Lives Matter protests influenced the making or message in this film?
I am not sure about this