I wrote an essay quite recently about international film so please enjoy it below

From the beginning of time, humans all around the world have enjoyed stories. One of the greatest and most powerful ways to tell a story is a movie, and movies are made all over the world for people to enjoy. Even though the biggest film industry exists in Hollywood and the U.S, there are film industries all across the world and films made in every language imaginable. Once it was hard to distribute films from Hollywood to overseas and from overseas to other countries, but now the film industry is international. The most important advancement in cinema history has been sharing films internationally.

After The Silent Movie Era was over, Hollywood dominated the film industry in the U.S, because movie producers, along with studios, went to California. Hollywood started when a group of movie producers came to the West because in New York and other cities they were charged to film there. So they came to Southern California, Los Angeles back when it was part of Mexico. When they arrived, they went a little north in Los Angeles and found a little village called Hollywood. All of the locals welcomed the film crew and they made the movie called In Old California. That was how Hollywood began. Other film studios and producers flocked there. It expanded because of the fine weather and climate in California so they could make films year round and the easy traveling distance from other places, as well Hollywood being a cheap place to make movies.

In the later years Hollywood wanted to dominate the entire global film industry so movie producers went to a town called Joinville-le-Pont in France because there were the same sets for the movies they were doing and there were the exact same kinds of clothing in the town. The problem was that Walt Disney, Warner Bros. and many other film industries in Europe disapproved of Hollywood producers coming overseas so Hollywood had difficulty with them and there was no such thing as perfect dubbing or dubbing in general. So they had to re-create the whole movie with a new cast that spoke that language but they had difficulty because the cast were not experienced enough to be in a movie. The other problem was that Hollywood just didn’t care that much because they knew that the original movie was making lots of income. So their plan didn’t go that well.

When the filming industry finally figured out how to do dubbing they started to make their movies international by just getting a voice cast to record over the movie with a language of their choice and new soundtracks. All of these production companies started to share their movies to the rest of the world so people could enjoy the film in their own language so they understand. Then people could have watched movies made by Sony Pictures Entertainment, Warner Bros. and Gaumont, no matter which language they were in. They also made a lot more money that way because they only had to shoot the movie once.

What would have happened if there were no international films? It would mean we would only be able to watch American movies if we were in America so we couldn’t be able to watch My Neighbor Totoro, Nausicaa of The Valley of The Wind, Kiki’s Delivery Service and Harry Potter. But luckily that is not true because these films have been distributed internationally. Those are movies loved by all ages. There are also international films that are dubbed into English or just from another English speaking country.

The way that today’s movies are impacted by international film is because movie directors can make draw inspiration from them (but not to much that they can get sued). Star Wars wouldn’t have even existed without George Lucas watching Japanese movies like Akira Kurosawa, which influenced him a lot. The reason why it is good to watch movies from different countries is that you can learn different cultures from all over the world so you can get perspective on the world and learn new ideas based from that culture. Another reason is because some movies could give the world a new idea for technology like holograms for communicating throughout the world. Movies have also shared a way of events from the past like the true horrors of WWII like D-Day which could inspire action games and many other things. Do movies have a difference from different countries? No because someone could be like from Asia living in Europe making it the same way as other Europeans and Asians because people share movies throughout the world. But back in the days movies were so different depending from which country it came from like in Japan they made Samurai movies and in China they made lots of Kung Fu movies or other things because who really knows because there was no internet back then to document this stuff.

Today movies are released across the world at the same time. For example the new Star Wars movie is coming out at the same time throughout the world in different languages on the exact date like 16 November 2015 (that is not the actual date for the movie).

If we didn’t have international movies most people in the world could not watch a lot of amazing movies like The Amazing Spider Man or My Neighbor Totoro. If we only restricted our movie watching to stories from one country, then we miss out on a whole world of wonderful stories, ideas and films.

Pixar Studios

My band got to go to Pixar Studios so we had to drive for 20 minutes from school to get there so we got Pixar name tags and we saw the lamp with the beach ball.

Oscar and I tried to move the beach ball but we couldn't since it was permanently stuck. Then we talked about how they did their little intros with the lamp crushing the ball by people doing a timelapse.

I was so excited to go to Pixar because they made a lot of movies I love like WALL.E, Finding Nemo. I was really impressed by all of their offices that look like they relax more than working but they make impressive movies.


Today for the entire afternoon Gever who works at brightworks and helped founding it. He was teaching us about the universal power of gravity by showing us with a video he took of a ball falling. We had to calculate how fast it dropped in every frame then we started with how much space there was between the frames distance for the ball. We started working with inches in seconds all the way to an hour even with feet (I was confused with all of the imperial system for measurement).

Here is the graph we made with most of the stuff in it

bouncing ball animation

today Oscar's dad came to school to teach us how to make animation for the whole morning so for a big chunk of the morning I did a flipbook of a tank exploding a bullet then exploding from the explosion (I like to call this explosion ception) then in the afternoon Amanda told us that our homework was to make a ball bounce using well animation so here it is.

Laputa weight

Yesterday I was told to figure out what the weight of laputa so this is how I did it. I fought that you could probably fit 2000 cars on laputa and that would weigh about 2000 tons including the actual island.

Historical Genre Presentation


Today my ban was learning about storyboarding which is basically a comic for a movie so the people making it can know what they are suppose to do.

Here is an example

I am using a different version where you have a smaller frame and on the side and below you have the text about what's happening so after lunch my band did one based off little red riding hood.

if you want to learn more click here

The Camo Bomb

Please enjoy the movie I made!

My project

Yesterday I have being working on my website and I have have improved it so much for example I made the pug logo green instead of a pinkish color. I need to start publishing all of the books that they signed a contract.

our little talk

In the afternoon my band and two other bands saw Selma with us.
spoilers so read if you have watched or want to be spoiled for the movie

questions I will answer:

what was the most moving part of the movie?
I thought it was the part where the police shot that african american man in a restaurant

What did you feel a connection with?
I really thought the march was brave for all those people that went and got beaten up so I feel really connected

What issues related to “othering” or making separations between yourself and other people, are we still facing today? 
I can't really answer this one because I am not sure

Why do you think a movie like this was filmed and produced at this specific time? I believe is because it is nearly Martin Luther King day ( MLK )

Have we truly reached equality or has inequality just become more vague and harder to define? 
I am actually not sure how to answer this one

Do you think the current Black Lives Matter protests influenced the making or message in this film?
I am not sure about this

my book arc project

for the new arc I am going to self publish all of my bands nanowrimo book and create a website. I am actually quite excited for learning about pricing a book so I know what a publisher does in real life. Well thats all I can really say because I don't have anything else so BYE! (for the first time ever I realised the bye).

christmas holiday

For christmas I had visitors from Sydney and they gave me :

Field notes and a log pillow

and my parents gave me :

Boom speakers that can go in the water, bluetooth mouse, LEGO City undercover for the wii U and a wii U

once they left my parents, uncle Brendan (not really but we still call him uncle brendan for me) and me on an eight day road trip to Utah. Once we came back from the snowy Utah I played on the wii U and on my computer on Saturday and Sunday.