What I did in the workshop today

I don't remember that much about today, so don't expect me to always remember everything I did (I don't even remember what I did yesterday). I got the drills ready to continue drilling the screws on the container (which is the name we were giving for the printing press). Sean asked me to work on the letters so I got to put two letters on the wooden blocks that Khalia was cutting.

Once we had lunch and park we went back to the workshop and I continued with the container. But I realised that I made a mistake on the pieces of wood I was screwing in, so I had to take the screws off and readjust the wood and screw it back in place.

Then Sean said we should do some tests by printing Test on a piece of paper. Everyone got the printing press ready and several people watched us print Tst because the e didn't work. We did several tests until it printed Test properly. So we wrote down how we did it and how many clamps we used and all of that stuff. Then we tried it with four clamps but it sadly didn't work, but then we had to clean up so that was basically my whole day (I know, a whole day doing woodwork! I wish we could do metalwork but whatever). So see you later, Romans. I know I did it on another blog post so don't make me explain again.