Workshop day

In the morning we were doing some math solutions were the answer was there but it wasn't (such wizardry/ witchcraft). No, it was really hard to do because I always over think those types of questions so don't annoy me with questions about it. After we did the maths, Amanda had a fishy surprise that surprisingly had fish involved, we got a pet fish, actually Amanda brought in fish heads to dissect! So Lucie and I got gloves on and started dissecting the fish head together (Don't say anything romantic Green Band or anyone else who got the idea ( DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT!!!!)).

Once I penetrated the skull with the knife I started cutting it. It was to hard to make a square shape so I helped Lucie by opening the frozen mouth to see the little teeth and possibly the brain. We unfortunately didn't get to see the brain but we got to see the world's smallest teeth and tongue. Once we finished it was park time so lets avoid the whole lunch thing. Then it was time to go to the workshop and build a printing press (hopefully).

(Lets just avoid a little details otherwise you would be sitting for hours and I might lose my fingers).

So when it was time for coding, Khalia and I asked Amanda if we could stay and work and she said yes, so we continued to work. Once Khalia finished she came over and helped me and we took turns using different drills so we could make a hole or put the screw in. Once we did it it was the end of the day so, GOOD NIGHT