Comet Landing

Yesterday night I watched a video with the whole school all night about the rosetta landing on a comet in outer space really far away from earth. I fell asleep in the first few minutes (so don't tell me that I am holding back details) because I was sleepy and when I'm sleepy I don't really remember what happens so be quiet.

We all saw Interstellar at the movies before that.

I remember I thought the lander got destroyed because of faces of the people from Mission Control looked sad so Khalia and I were pretending they were so happy they couldn't do their work and they were not focusing for signals or messages.

When the lander landed on the comet everyone was happy and this was the first time humankind had done something like land on a comet. I still don't know if the lander is okay and if the lander is still on the comet. I just discovered that the lander had to go off the comet then reland onto the surface so it wouldn't float to outer space because the harpoons didn't fire.