book ban experience blog post: story edition


I was just going to school like any other Monday and I arrived, signed myself in and gave Justine a big hug like every school day and then clap started. So we went to circle but Ellen came in and gave Gever a letter and he opened it and read. Once he finished he told everyone to get their bags and go to their band trees so I went to get my bag from the band space. Once I got outside Lucie and I started a poking competition with each other like always. Then Gever came outside after everyone and told us we are all going on a fieldtrip for 15 minutes with our band. So Green Band went to coffee bar. Amanda got us all hot chocolate and vanilla steamer so I had a vanilla steamer because there were no more hot chocolate.

When we got back to school there was a quarantine area sign that there are books in the building so you have to give up all books and wifi capable electronics so I did so. Once Gever explained what was happening and read the whole stupid law thing, I was beyond mad, I was going insane because of this. I thought it was crazy but it was really happening so when Gever finally let us go back to our classroom, we had to go, and we also had to call Amanda Ms Oberski which seemed very strange. When there were no 'government officials' in our 'classroom' we talked about the book ban for the whole day.


When I arrived I had to give my computer, phone and book to Ellen and Justine so I don't read anything. Amanda planned to go to the Library and read all day so she told us to get our Clipper cards and go to the front door. So I went and got my clipper card at least and I waited for everyone else to come and 2 other bands came out to go to the library too so. When everyone else was outside we walked to the Bart station to go to Civic Centre. Once we arrived at the Bart station I put my clipper card on the clipper bit and went through to the bart and we accidently caught the wrong one so we got off the next stop and got the one the other way.

When we finally arrived at Civic Centre we walked to the library. It's huge and Amanda tells us to meet here at noon so everyone went to the kids section and I found the Heroes of Olympus The Mark of Athena and sat down and started reading for the rest of the day until noon. When it was noon I told Oscar it's 12.00 and I went to tell everyone else it's 12.00. So I went downstairs to the meeting spot but Amanda's not there yet so the rest of the band arrives and all of a sudden Amanda is there holding so many books and asks us "who has their library card" and Khalia and Audrey raise their hands. Amanda gives them most of the books except for one and tells them to borrow them for her with their cards so they did and we went to a park near by to eat lunch but I'm thinking 'lunch?' so I just had a granola bar instead. Once we finished eating we went back to the Bart station and I'm thinking 'I miss reading already' so we come back and it's the end of the day.


Today I was just sitting in the crowd at school listening to everyone argue why they want books back. 3 people said the book ban is good and should stay and I was thinking 'this is just like a Roman Senate meeting where they argue all the time.'

All of a sudden Ellen or Gever said Green Band come up and talk and all the people before me spoke and it was my turn and I didn't have anything to say so Gever asked me if I am for/against the book ban and I say against but I would have said "Positive for the book ban

I believe that the book ban can make sense for some people because there are a few impressionable people who kill each other, cause unrest and vandalism and who do it because of the Hunger Games and many other books like that. So many books have violence, sex scenes, drug use and very rude words in their pages. Or the book is all about it like, Total War: Rome II Fall of Carthage because there is so much violence in the book like elephants squishing people (I won't go in details).

Negative for the book ban

I believe books are good for you because you can learn history, government, new words, culture and much more. They can teach you about what it felt like to live in different places or times, or what it feels like to be a different person. Books are very important for people because they wouldn't be able to read if there were no books and people would be like “I’m bored.” and the other person says “go play some games,” instead of “go read a book.”. I believe the reason it happened was the big gaming companies paying the government to not let kids read and make them play games instead of books.". So Amanda asked Theo to tell us about the rebellious flag he made for books and my band went back in the crowd of students in Brightworks so the Blue and Indigo Band can talk so everyone listens intently for the next 30 minutes or so then Gever, Ellen and Justine tell us to go back to our band spaces and get ready for lunch.

Several hours Later (So mysterious)

Gever tells us to go to the cork floor (I know a floor made out of cork (so cool) (I didn't even learn the name of the place until a month ago it was the cork floor)) so he, Ellen and Justine can tell us exciting news (I know, exciting news). They told us we are allowed to read books again at school so for a special occasion we can dress up in our PJ's and read all day. My thoughts were exploding with joy because we can read again at school so when I'm bored I can go read again (Which doesn't happen at school so just when I can).

I love reading.

THE END!!!!!