October 6, 2014

Dear School of Applied Tinkering,
I, Julian Hayes, am proposing a final arc project on photography to draw my dream house and do a timelapse on a graph paper or draft paper. This relates to our photography arc because I will need to do a timelapse of my technical drawing. A time lapse is a series of photos in a fast video so you can see the progress of something very quickly. This is interesting to me because the timelapse will show the progress of each line that I draw. I think making the drawing will make me become better at doing architecture because I want to be an architect when I grow up.  
At the end of this project, I will have a timelapse of my technical drawing. Time-permitting, I would like to then create a digital dream house on my computer.
In order to accomplish this, I will spend two weeks in Brightworks drawing my dream house and I will also take a picture every time I draw a line on the paper. I request $20 to fund this project, as I will need to purchase drafting paper. The rest of the materials are already available, including a pencil, camera, tripod, computer, and time lapse editing software for the materials.

I am excited to do this project because I will learn more about architecture. I know about the door symbol on drawings and my Grandpa and Alison think I have a potential to be an architect, This project will let me learn more about architecture, photography, and time lapse.


Project Designer, Julian Hayes

Collaborator, Amanda Oberski

Director, Ellen Hathaway


Education Architect, Gever Tulley