October the first

Today my band was writing about our projects for the arc and I didn’t know what to write down. Later Sean came and asked if I could come with Kat and Khalia to work more on the shelves we were making yesterday. Kat, Khalia and I went to the workshop to build the shelves. When we finished making the first shelf we went to the upstairs band space to see it worked and it did. So we got some wood to put in the gaps in the wall. Once we drilled the shelf on we tested it with a glass jar full of pens and it sadly fell, jokes it actually worked so we went to build another shelf but we had to measure the space we were going to put it in. Once we got the final measurements we went back to the workshop to build and we cut 2 pieces and measured were we had to cut it some more with the chopsaw and the jigsaw but we only got to do the chop saw.

After park and lunch we were going to do some more thinking for our projects and I asked Amanda what I should do and she asked me what was my favorite part of the arc so far and I told her it was the technical drawings and I said I could take a timelapse of me doing the drawing until I finish. 25 minutes later Oscar’s parents arrive to teach us how to edit pictures on Pixlr and using the polaroid and taking the film to put on paper. After a while it was the end of the day but read this last 2 sentences below

In my selfie you can see that I am in the kitchen doing my homework. But I have a cool fridge, and that makes me seem interesting and my life is cool, jokes.

Pixlr photo editing

Today I went on pixlr and used the pencil tool and wrote MINECRAFT. I tried saving it as a PXD but it didn't work so I did JPEG. I love pixlr so much.