I think selfies are a little bit about vanity but mostly to let people know where you are or something interesting you might be doing or seeing, like visiting a famous monument. The reason why it’s a little about vanity is because it is part of human nature to show you look good but some people take it too far. For example they would take a selfie and put on instagram and say I look so fabulous and people would say to be nice “yes you do”.

It’s also a little bit about vanity because some people take lots of selfies of themselves but only put the ones where they look really good on the internet. Like not the ones where they are eating or have their eyes closed. But you could also be saying that if you’re seeing famous monuments or something that your life is really interesting too. Which is also vain.

In my selfie you can see that I am in the kitchen doing my homework. But I have a cool fridge, and that makes me seem interesting and my life is cool, jokes.