the day

Today Amelia's Dad came to school to teach us a little bit about neuroscience (AKA brain science). He told us about eyes actually being part of the brain because when everyone is in the womb the eyes are next to the brain. The eyes were once attached and the eyeball comes out to our eye socket. The brain actually works like a camera, and even works like things that can process stuff electronically like computers.

When Amelia’s Dad, Dave, was finished talking to several bands at school, he came to our band space to answer some of our questions. One of the things Dave told us was that our eyes can look left, right, up, and down without moving our head, but our eyes can rotate. So find someone and tell them to look at your eye, then tilt your head and (hoping that the person is still looking) they would see that the eye didn't rotate with the head. Ask them to tilt their own head and look.

Once Dave answered some of our questions it was time to go to park. So we walked to park and played for an hour or so, then we had to go back to school. When we arrived at school we had to go to Khalia’s Grandma’s restaurant on Valencia St. The restaurant served mexican food. We had lunch for 90 minutes and went back to school but Khalia stayed at the restaurant because there was no point her walking to school and then having to go back.