Philip Homework - aperture and shutter speed

This is a photo of Oscar waving his arms like crazy while Lucie is looking at him strangely.

This is a photo of Lucie and Oscar waving their arms like crazy (FINALLY Lucie is waving like crazy too).

Here is a photo of Oscar and Lucie waving so crazily that you can't really see their arms.

I think in this picture it's just too much crazy waving (say hello to papa Lucie and Oscar).

Here is a picture of Lucie who looks like she wants that string(AKA the Whip) so she could be like Gollum.

She still has that Gollum look in her eyes but at me(so scary!!!)

Now in this picture she wants to hide from the camera. She nearly succeeded.

In this photo she was in a really uncomfortable position because she basically stayed there while Oscar took his photos.
Shutter Speed: The shutter speed lets the image to the image sensor or the film if using a SLR.

Aperture: The aperture is basically a big eye and if it's smaller it is focusing, but really dark, and if the eye is big it lets in a lot of light but the photo is more out of focus.