Photo of stranger

Name: Aaron
What Aaron does: pipe organ builder (a pipe organ is a big piano with a lot of tubes that make musical notes)
Where photo was taken: I took this photo on the corner of Lexington St and 18 St, The Mission, San Francisco

Photography article

Daguerreotype taken by Louis Daguerre in Paris

What is the article about? 

This article is about the history of photography and the camera. It's also about the people who invented photography and created different types of photographs. One of the inventors was Louis Daguerre. This article is about all the different types of the photograph like the calotype and the daguerreotype. Plus it explains how the creators of photography completed their goals and the year they made their type of photograph. 

Why did you chose this article? 

The reason I chose this article was because I like history very much and it was fun to learn new things about the history of photography that Philip and Amanda don’t know. I learned the names of photographers like Louis Daguerre and Joseph Nicephore Niepce and what they did to develop photography. I also picked it because I like Ancient Greek and I also discovered the etymology of some of the photograph types, for example “photograph” comes from the words photos (light) and graphein (to draw), and calotype means beautiful picture. 

What I learnt 

I learnt all these names of very important people who made modern photography, like Louis Daguerre. He named a type of photograph after himself which is the daguerreotype. Joseph Niepce used the camera obscura to take a photograph. Nobody had done it before. He put up a metal plate and put bitumen (which people use for roofing and asphalt) on it. Then he left the metal plate for 8 hours so the image would appear but it would disappear later. Now I have discovered when photography was made. It was in 1827 by Joseph Niepce. Plus I learned about all the different people who invented photography. I also learnt when film was made.