My weekend


On Saturday I just stayed home with my parents and worked so I didn't take any pictures of anything. Except of my Mum winking, but she didn't want me to put that on my blog. But I did do my homework, writing a blog post about photography and then Khan Academy. Plus I gave my blog a makeover! And I played a little bit of Minecraft, and I ate a quesadilla for dinner. 


Today I went on a walk around Potrero Hill with my Mum and Dad. We went to a place called Plow to have a delicious brunch. I ordered Simon's One Egg Brekkie, with bacon. When we finished eating, we walked home and I took some final pictures for homework and for fun. Then we went to the movies to see Guardians of the Galaxy.

Sunday pictures

Common theme: Lines

The reason why I picked this photo was because I like the blue post the best and it goes really well with the theme of my photos. There is also the door with all these lines to the left of the picture.

I picked this photo because I like that there are so many lines and the shadow that makes another line, this is my favorite of all of the pictures I took and luckily went with my theme of lines.

 The reason I picked this photo is because there is a shape of a person made out of lines and also theres lines all over the pavement and you just don't see a shape of a person on the pavement everywhere.

I like this picture for this job because theres lines everywhere, its on the walls, on the pavement, the grass also makes lines on the picture and the shadows of the posts. Also the colours contrast which is interesting to look at.

This picture is similar than the one above so it does the job and if you look closely theres lines all over the building, on the windows and the sign that says "=COR-O-VAN=".