The reason why Jewish people have Hanukkah is that one day King Antiochus, King of the Seleucid Empire, wanted everyone to pray to the same gods (that he believed in) so, he conquered Jerusalem. He demanded the people convert or he'd destroy all the temples, even the big golden one in the centre of the city.

One day, Judah Maccabee and his brothers made an army to fight the Seleucid army. They won, and fought hard because they were fighting for what they believed in. When the brothers first went into the temple and they saw it was ruined with cracks and no oil in the menorah. While they were cleaning they found oil and they all knew it would only last for one night. Surprisingly it lasted for eight days so they knew that god was with them. So goodnight children , I hope you enjoyed the story

Joking about the children bit but I do hope you enjoyed it because I did a lot of research.

What I did in the workshop today

I don't remember that much about today, so don't expect me to always remember everything I did (I don't even remember what I did yesterday). I got the drills ready to continue drilling the screws on the container (which is the name we were giving for the printing press). Sean asked me to work on the letters so I got to put two letters on the wooden blocks that Khalia was cutting.

Once we had lunch and park we went back to the workshop and I continued with the container. But I realised that I made a mistake on the pieces of wood I was screwing in, so I had to take the screws off and readjust the wood and screw it back in place.

Then Sean said we should do some tests by printing Test on a piece of paper. Everyone got the printing press ready and several people watched us print Tst because the e didn't work. We did several tests until it printed Test properly. So we wrote down how we did it and how many clamps we used and all of that stuff. Then we tried it with four clamps but it sadly didn't work, but then we had to clean up so that was basically my whole day (I know, a whole day doing woodwork! I wish we could do metalwork but whatever). So see you later, Romans. I know I did it on another blog post so don't make me explain again.

Workshop day

In the morning we were doing some math solutions were the answer was there but it wasn't (such wizardry/ witchcraft). No, it was really hard to do because I always over think those types of questions so don't annoy me with questions about it. After we did the maths, Amanda had a fishy surprise that surprisingly had fish involved, we got a pet fish, actually Amanda brought in fish heads to dissect! So Lucie and I got gloves on and started dissecting the fish head together (Don't say anything romantic Green Band or anyone else who got the idea ( DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT!!!!)).

Once I penetrated the skull with the knife I started cutting it. It was to hard to make a square shape so I helped Lucie by opening the frozen mouth to see the little teeth and possibly the brain. We unfortunately didn't get to see the brain but we got to see the world's smallest teeth and tongue. Once we finished it was park time so lets avoid the whole lunch thing. Then it was time to go to the workshop and build a printing press (hopefully).

(Lets just avoid a little details otherwise you would be sitting for hours and I might lose my fingers).

So when it was time for coding, Khalia and I asked Amanda if we could stay and work and she said yes, so we continued to work. Once Khalia finished she came over and helped me and we took turns using different drills so we could make a hole or put the screw in. Once we did it it was the end of the day so, GOOD NIGHT


today, printing press presentation

Today, I was working on my font, which was an uppercase S. I made it look Roman because I love ancient Roman history. After that I started making my own writing language made up of symbols so I will be able to communicate with other people that know it. After I went to park and had lunch, we had 30 minutes to prepare a presentation before the Red Band arrived, which has the youngest kids in the school. Lucie and I never got to present The Crusades because we couldn’t finish on time. We did not finish our Google Slides that had all the details of The Crusades, so we just ended up watching everyone present. We were presenting on the printing press, which is a piece of wood with mirrored letters carved into it, ink all over it, and was used to create a whole page of writing instead of writing the whole page by hand. Then Oscar was teaching us how to scan pictures from a piece of paper to a digital photo. So he picked two people at a time and I thought it was fun. Once everyone learned how to do it we went on our computers and went to Zooniverse, which is a website. I was learning Ancient Greek (I already know a lot of Ancient Greek) from photos of paper with writing from thousands of years ago. So that was my day and now I get to create the language for my band for homework. So see you later, Romans.

You can ignore the rest if you want to so read on if you like.

I was joking about you being Roman, unless you are in which case I think you are awesome. REALLY AWESOME, so awesome that I would always ask you questions about being Roman and just basically ruin your plans for the day, like, you're going on your honeymoon and I would just appear out of nowhere when you were about to kiss and I would ask a question, like, “Do legionnaires still exist?”

You would just really not want to know me if you were Roman.

You do not need to read the rest of this blog post, but if you do, you might want to zoom in to read.

Julian is the best child historian in the world.

Thanksgiving break

This thanksgiving break I was at home the whole break playing games and writing nanowrimo for the last week of the month to finish my novel. That was about all I did and the novel is quite sad because of sad reasons.

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