why books are good and what i think of Fahrenheit 451

Why books are good

I think books are good because of the story and characters. For example I think The Blood of Olympus is good because I like the characters in it and the whole story of the heroes trying to stop an ancient goddess awakening to destroy the world. Books are also good because they can be about true things and made up things. Either way they educate people.

What I think of Fahrenheit 451

I think the reason why they burnt books were:

1.) Their universe is the opposite of ours.

2.) I think they thought books were bad for people so they could control the millions of people (like mashed potatoes).

3.) Everyone is a freak in Fahrenheit 451 except for the firefighter guy and that 17 year old.

4.) Why would they even called firefighters? Instead they should be called firemakers because they make fires.