a visit from a future author, AKA my mum

Today my mum came to school to tell us about her book and how to write a novel and she she had a slideshow for how to write a book and things about her's. I was making sure no one was going to take it. I remember my mum said that writing a novel is like making a diamond with the carbon and the carbon in a book is the words in the book. I don't really remember anything else except spoilers (but mister julian, why can't you tell us anything about the book) NO! I won't reveal anything.

Comet Landing

Yesterday night I watched a video with the whole school all night about the rosetta landing on a comet in outer space really far away from earth. I fell asleep in the first few minutes (so don't tell me that I am holding back details) because I was sleepy and when I'm sleepy I don't really remember what happens so be quiet.

We all saw Interstellar at the movies before that.

I remember I thought the lander got destroyed because of faces of the people from Mission Control looked sad so Khalia and I were pretending they were so happy they couldn't do their work and they were not focusing for signals or messages.

When the lander landed on the comet everyone was happy and this was the first time humankind had done something like land on a comet. I still don't know if the lander is okay and if the lander is still on the comet. I just discovered that the lander had to go off the comet then reland onto the surface so it wouldn't float to outer space because the harpoons didn't fire.

why books are good and what i think of Fahrenheit 451

Why books are good

I think books are good because of the story and characters. For example I think The Blood of Olympus is good because I like the characters in it and the whole story of the heroes trying to stop an ancient goddess awakening to destroy the world. Books are also good because they can be about true things and made up things. Either way they educate people.

What I think of Fahrenheit 451

I think the reason why they burnt books were:

1.) Their universe is the opposite of ours.

2.) I think they thought books were bad for people so they could control the millions of people (like mashed potatoes).

3.) Everyone is a freak in Fahrenheit 451 except for the firefighter guy and that 17 year old.

4.) Why would they even called firefighters? Instead they should be called firemakers because they make fires.

Book arc

I am excited to write NanoWrimo this month because 1, Its the book arc. 2, I love books. 3, My mum has written a book and I want to write a book too. I want to write a book for my project about Ancient Rome. I really wonder what we will do for the book arc for e.g learning things we didn't know about books and thinking if they might be a new kid in the middle of the arc because it's possible for e.g I came in during the mirrors arc last year. I really hope I can finish my book for NaNoWriMo or even write more than 15,000 words.