Photography Arc

On the first day of the photography arc my band wrote a question to ask everyone in the band (well I don't really remember the rest of that day or several days after that because that was months ago). The only question I remember was “what’s your favourite colour?”. Mine was blue (it still is).

One day we went on a scavenger hunt for photos (of course the reason we did it was the photography arc) and you can go on the scavenger hunt blog post for more details and the photos are there too so I got about X photos I took myself not off the internet and here is the post.

One time we went to Phillips band space to learn about the rule of thirds so we had to write a lot of things which hurt my hands so much while Phillips band was in our bandspace relaxing there hands and talking about it not writing (I have no idea what they were talking about so don't ask).

Another day Sean came in and showed us how to do a very basic technical drawing with no tools except the mighty measuring tape so we can measure the 3 pieces of wood drilled together in a mighty π shape, the shape with the ends sticking a little bit on the other side so not so much like π.

Really recently we went to mendicino (I always leave the best for last) for a whole week AKA V days (I love roman numerals so you better learn them) but the one thing I did not like was the trip to the hospital with Ellen and Amanda because I fell down a cliff (well it was a X feet drop and it is hard to climb) into the creek with a rocky beach. But I survived with no broken bones sticking out of my leg or just in general.

I thought the photography arc was really fun and I got to go to the darkroom to process film and learn more about cameras in this arc.