bans and bill of rights

I feel really sad about this book ban because we can't read at school anymore. And we also have to call the collaborators by their surname and we have to line up in the morning by band and by age order. The government shouldn't interfere with Brightworks! On the weekend I watched a documentary called Fed Up, which was all about how the US government gets money from food companies and how there is too much sugar in food. They should ban sugar in schools instead of books. The US goverment isn't really that great at governing. This wouldn't happen in Australia!!! I'M GOING TO GO BACK SO I CAN READ AT SCHOOL!

A ban is, not having permission to own an object. In ancient roman times a ban meant that you lost all your property and people could rob you, hurt you and kill you so they could do whatever they wanted to you.  The reason bans happen is for the public to be safe, for their health and protection.

I believe the bill of rights is related because you are getting rid of freedom of speech because you can't ask questions about the book ban and freedom of use because you can't read a book or even use your computer to use the internet. So even though the government are behind the ban, it's actually against what it says in the bill of rights which is what the American government is all about! It makes no sense.