technical drawing

I think technical drawing is lots of fun but it's very hard because you need to do it to scale correctly. The reason I think its fun is because I get to draw, to think about spaces and design. When I was little I saw my Grandpa (who I call Papy) sometimes drawing with the ruler like thing but it was a metre long. He normally made big drawings of building plans because he is an architect.

Also my Mum's friend, Alison is an architect like my Grandpa. A few days ago my Mum told me I could be a good architect because of my very good Lego and Minecraft skills. Alison used Lego at her architecture school to make model houses.

It's important to scale everything correctly because when people start building it, they need to make sure everything fits in the room correctly.

I was surprised by how complicated it was to use the ruler thing architects use, but I found the whole thing exciting to do.