The article is about a 5th grader sending a letter to the CEO of Microsoft because she didn’t want Minecraft to be changed. Microsoft bought Minecraft for $2.5 billion. Phil Spencer, Head of XBox, sent a letter back to Sabrina telling her that he liked her reasons that she didn’t want the game to be changed and he said they would try and make Minecraft even better than what it was before.

What parts of the article are done RIGHT when talking about and sharing opinions?
Some things that are right are that the writer’s opinion isn’t too mean or too nice. It gives two sides to the story, like the things the girl was worried about in her letter to Microsoft about Minecraft, but also like what Microsoft had to say back.

What parts, if any, could have been done better?
I think the article was pretty good, I don’t think there was much they could have done better. The opinions are respectful.

How does this relate to our conversation on Friday?
I wasn’t there for some of the conversation but it does relate to some things we talked about like respectfully sharing opinions. The person who wrote the article is pretty respectful of the girl who wrote the letter and also respectful of Microsoft by showing the letter that they wrote.

What is your opinion on the article?

I think that they might actually change Minecraft which I would not be happy with that. They might keep it the same as it was but sometimes adding in new things like campfires and new mobs. Microsoft could also make Minecraft better. For example they could make it easier to play with friends and improve lan that it would have to be in the same city instead of internet (just saying). I think this article is making Microsoft look a little bit bad because it says that they didn’t have a good acquisition of another game, and maybe Phil Spencer answered because he wanted Microsoft to look good. But if it the letter wasn't going to be public on an article Microsoft would maybe just ignore the person and not reply.