Today I was helping Oscar making a plan for our upstairs band space for the whole morning. Then we went to park. When everyone got back from park everyone had lunch and after lunch my band went upstairs to work on the band space. When we got the measurements, Khalia, Kaia and I went with Sean to build a shelf. At the beginning we had to cut the big piece of wood to pieces then we had to draw lines so we can cut the wood more. Once we finished it was the end of the day.

Most of the morning Khalia was saying something like poo-hoe.


I think selfies are a little bit about vanity but mostly to let people know where you are or something interesting you might be doing or seeing, like visiting a famous monument. The reason why it’s a little about vanity is because it is part of human nature to show you look good but some people take it too far. For example they would take a selfie and put on instagram and say I look so fabulous and people would say to be nice “yes you do”.

It’s also a little bit about vanity because some people take lots of selfies of themselves but only put the ones where they look really good on the internet. Like not the ones where they are eating or have their eyes closed. But you could also be saying that if you’re seeing famous monuments or something that your life is really interesting too. Which is also vain.

In my selfie you can see that I am in the kitchen doing my homework. But I have a cool fridge, and that makes me seem interesting and my life is cool, jokes.


The article is about a 5th grader sending a letter to the CEO of Microsoft because she didn’t want Minecraft to be changed. Microsoft bought Minecraft for $2.5 billion. Phil Spencer, Head of XBox, sent a letter back to Sabrina telling her that he liked her reasons that she didn’t want the game to be changed and he said they would try and make Minecraft even better than what it was before.

What parts of the article are done RIGHT when talking about and sharing opinions?
Some things that are right are that the writer’s opinion isn’t too mean or too nice. It gives two sides to the story, like the things the girl was worried about in her letter to Microsoft about Minecraft, but also like what Microsoft had to say back.

What parts, if any, could have been done better?
I think the article was pretty good, I don’t think there was much they could have done better. The opinions are respectful.

How does this relate to our conversation on Friday?
I wasn’t there for some of the conversation but it does relate to some things we talked about like respectfully sharing opinions. The person who wrote the article is pretty respectful of the girl who wrote the letter and also respectful of Microsoft by showing the letter that they wrote.

What is your opinion on the article?

I think that they might actually change Minecraft which I would not be happy with that. They might keep it the same as it was but sometimes adding in new things like campfires and new mobs. Microsoft could also make Minecraft better. For example they could make it easier to play with friends and improve lan that it would have to be in the same city instead of internet (just saying). I think this article is making Microsoft look a little bit bad because it says that they didn’t have a good acquisition of another game, and maybe Phil Spencer answered because he wanted Microsoft to look good. But if it the letter wasn't going to be public on an article Microsoft would maybe just ignore the person and not reply.

the day

Today Amelia's Dad came to school to teach us a little bit about neuroscience (AKA brain science). He told us about eyes actually being part of the brain because when everyone is in the womb the eyes are next to the brain. The eyes were once attached and the eyeball comes out to our eye socket. The brain actually works like a camera, and even works like things that can process stuff electronically like computers.

When Amelia’s Dad, Dave, was finished talking to several bands at school, he came to our band space to answer some of our questions. One of the things Dave told us was that our eyes can look left, right, up, and down without moving our head, but our eyes can rotate. So find someone and tell them to look at your eye, then tilt your head and (hoping that the person is still looking) they would see that the eye didn't rotate with the head. Ask them to tilt their own head and look.

Once Dave answered some of our questions it was time to go to park. So we walked to park and played for an hour or so, then we had to go back to school. When we arrived at school we had to go to Khalia’s Grandma’s restaurant on Valencia St. The restaurant served mexican food. We had lunch for 90 minutes and went back to school but Khalia stayed at the restaurant because there was no point her walking to school and then having to go back.

technical drawing

I think technical drawing is lots of fun but it's very hard because you need to do it to scale correctly. The reason I think its fun is because I get to draw, to think about spaces and design. When I was little I saw my Grandpa (who I call Papy) sometimes drawing with the ruler like thing but it was a metre long. He normally made big drawings of building plans because he is an architect.

Also my Mum's friend, Alison is an architect like my Grandpa. A few days ago my Mum told me I could be a good architect because of my very good Lego and Minecraft skills. Alison used Lego at her architecture school to make model houses.

It's important to scale everything correctly because when people start building it, they need to make sure everything fits in the room correctly.

I was surprised by how complicated it was to use the ruler thing architects use, but I found the whole thing exciting to do.


Today we went to a darkroom to process everybody's pictures we took with the film cameras. When we arrived, we went to a table that was bright to have a look at our pictures. When we went in the darkroom the lights were on and a lady called Victoria turned the lights off. I thought the moment where you put your pictures in all these chemicals that let you see the image on this special paper was fun. I also really liked the door that rotated so no light could get in the darkroom.

A darkroom is where you go to process your photos that are on film, but it's all weird looking and the colors are backwards because it's a negative image. I used a machine in the darkroom that is called an enlarger. It blows up the image on the negative. Not like an explosion! I didn't explode the negative. It just makes the photo bigger.

Photography article National Geographic

The article is about the power of photography and how photographers use cameras as tools to capture moments in the world. It tells you about some of the things photographers do when they are in Alaska and Africa and anywhere else on Earth. The article has a video on the website (that is 30 seconds long) of photographs about objects people and animals, and some of them we have seen at school (if you go to Brightworks). For example the terrified person who survived an avalanche and took a photo of himself covered in snow. The article talks about the history of National Geographic’s photographs and about how much people use photography daily and how many internet photo uploads there are in the world.

here is the link

Questions about light

Q&Q (Question and Question)

  • I don't understand how x-rays can go through everything except bones and lead?
  • How are colours made?
  • How is light from the sun, lamps and other things make light?
  • Is it possible for a microwave to make the lights we see their original form?
  • Is radiation a form of light?
  • How do mirrors reflect the light correctly?

Philip Homework - aperture and shutter speed

This is a photo of Oscar waving his arms like crazy while Lucie is looking at him strangely.

This is a photo of Lucie and Oscar waving their arms like crazy (FINALLY Lucie is waving like crazy too).

Here is a photo of Oscar and Lucie waving so crazily that you can't really see their arms.

I think in this picture it's just too much crazy waving (say hello to papa Lucie and Oscar).

Here is a picture of Lucie who looks like she wants that string(AKA the Whip) so she could be like Gollum.

She still has that Gollum look in her eyes but at me(so scary!!!)

Now in this picture she wants to hide from the camera. She nearly succeeded.

In this photo she was in a really uncomfortable position because she basically stayed there while Oscar took his photos.
Shutter Speed: The shutter speed lets the image to the image sensor or the film if using a SLR.

Aperture: The aperture is basically a big eye and if it's smaller it is focusing, but really dark, and if the eye is big it lets in a lot of light but the photo is more out of focus. 

Photo of stranger

Name: Aaron
What Aaron does: pipe organ builder (a pipe organ is a big piano with a lot of tubes that make musical notes)
Where photo was taken: I took this photo on the corner of Lexington St and 18 St, The Mission, San Francisco

Photography article

Daguerreotype taken by Louis Daguerre in Paris

What is the article about? 

This article is about the history of photography and the camera. It's also about the people who invented photography and created different types of photographs. One of the inventors was Louis Daguerre. This article is about all the different types of the photograph like the calotype and the daguerreotype. Plus it explains how the creators of photography completed their goals and the year they made their type of photograph. 

Why did you chose this article? 

The reason I chose this article was because I like history very much and it was fun to learn new things about the history of photography that Philip and Amanda don’t know. I learned the names of photographers like Louis Daguerre and Joseph Nicephore Niepce and what they did to develop photography. I also picked it because I like Ancient Greek and I also discovered the etymology of some of the photograph types, for example “photograph” comes from the words photos (light) and graphein (to draw), and calotype means beautiful picture. 

What I learnt 

I learnt all these names of very important people who made modern photography, like Louis Daguerre. He named a type of photograph after himself which is the daguerreotype. Joseph Niepce used the camera obscura to take a photograph. Nobody had done it before. He put up a metal plate and put bitumen (which people use for roofing and asphalt) on it. Then he left the metal plate for 8 hours so the image would appear but it would disappear later. Now I have discovered when photography was made. It was in 1827 by Joseph Niepce. Plus I learned about all the different people who invented photography. I also learnt when film was made.

Philip homework

Here is a photo of Ellen in mid conversation with someone and theres Gever behind her.
Here is a photo of Justine and I even brightened her face so you can see her beautiful smile (that brightens the day).

Glen Canyon

Important Photographs (so sad!)

In this photo there is a line of kids waiting to get their meal at a refugee camp in Afghanistan. The reason I think it's important is because there are so many kids still being affected by the Afghanistan war.

Here is a baby elephant trying to get its mother up (so sad). People believe that these elephants were poisoned and these elephants are nearly extinct. The reason why I think it's important is because this type of elephant is nearly extinct and you can't just go around killing elephants but people are doing that.

Here is a polar bear on a piece of ice floating away from the snow. The reason is because the world is getting polluted by global warming so polar bears are almost extinct (they are so adorable) and the reason why this is important is basically the same as the elephant except for the killing bit. Save the adorable (actually, all) animals!

My weekend


On Saturday I just stayed home with my parents and worked so I didn't take any pictures of anything. Except of my Mum winking, but she didn't want me to put that on my blog. But I did do my homework, writing a blog post about photography and then Khan Academy. Plus I gave my blog a makeover! And I played a little bit of Minecraft, and I ate a quesadilla for dinner. 


Today I went on a walk around Potrero Hill with my Mum and Dad. We went to a place called Plow to have a delicious brunch. I ordered Simon's One Egg Brekkie, with bacon. When we finished eating, we walked home and I took some final pictures for homework and for fun. Then we went to the movies to see Guardians of the Galaxy.

Sunday pictures

Common theme: Lines

The reason why I picked this photo was because I like the blue post the best and it goes really well with the theme of my photos. There is also the door with all these lines to the left of the picture.

I picked this photo because I like that there are so many lines and the shadow that makes another line, this is my favorite of all of the pictures I took and luckily went with my theme of lines.

 The reason I picked this photo is because there is a shape of a person made out of lines and also theres lines all over the pavement and you just don't see a shape of a person on the pavement everywhere.

I like this picture for this job because theres lines everywhere, its on the walls, on the pavement, the grass also makes lines on the picture and the shadows of the posts. Also the colours contrast which is interesting to look at.

This picture is similar than the one above so it does the job and if you look closely theres lines all over the building, on the windows and the sign that says "=COR-O-VAN=".

Photography Arc

What I like about Photography

I like taking pictures with my mum's camera and I like that the camera can freeze time. You can see what places looked like one hundred years ago, or how people looked when they were younger. I also really like looking at pictures of me when I was little and of my mum.

What I already know about Photography/Cameras

I know how a DSLR camera works and you can see my slideshow here:

There are 3 mirrors in the camera and all the mirrors are on a 45 degree angle.

What I want to learn about Photography

I want to learn more about how the camera works inside and how the photos get saved in the camera digitally because there's no film anymore. I also want to learn how to take more artistic photos, then I can even print some and put them on the walls at home in frames.

Scavenger Hunt

Here are some pictures that I took on the scavenger hunt.