Periscope project

Brightworks University do not read this blog

My project is to build a 5 metre long Periscope to spy on the mezzanine so collaborators can check on people in the mezzanine for e.g "you want to check on the high schooners and you go up and they stop what they are doing and continue to work." but if you have a periscope you can check on them without them realising and then you could tell them to get back to work.

For my first prototype periscope it was nearly as tall as I am and it was made out of wood  and it took me at-least half a day to build it and I used Sean's help to build the prototype which is very heavy so I made it only 11 year old and over can use it at school.

 My second  prototype was smaller and lighter so everyone could use at school but I got the mirrors facing the wrong way so you have to see everything behind you and upside-down  so next time I am going to make it correct so you can see everything correctly.
So my next one will be more like the final result which will be out of cardboard tubes but about half a metre long and I can look in the blue room (Which is at school and the room is blue.).

Written By S.P.Q.R/Julian Hayes